Unionize Your Workplace

Unionize Your Workplace

Step 1 – Showing Interest
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requires that a minimum of 30% of employees sign authorization cards/petitions before it will conduct an election.

Step 2 – Election Petition Filed
Local 1059 presents the cards/petitions to the NLRB with a request for them to conduct an election. The employer never sees the union authorization cards/petitions and the NLRB won’t even tell the employer how many workers have filled out cards.

Step 3 – Election Date Set
The Union, an employer representative, and the NLRB meet to set a date for the election.

Step 4 – NLRB Election
You decide by secret ballot if you want UFCW 1059 to begin negotiations with your employer. A majority “yes” vote gives you the chance to proceed.

Step 5 – Preparations for Negotiations
During the 7 to 10 days it takes for the NLRB to certify the election results, you and your coworkers will meet to decide what specific proposals you would like to have in a first contract. Also, you will establish a bargaining committee made up of your coworkers.

Step 6 – Negotiations
The workers’ bargaining committee, UFCW representatives, and the employer begin a series of meetings to work out differences and develop a contract offer.

Step 7 – Ratification
You will meet to discuss and vote (by secret ballot) on the contract offer. If rejected, we go back to negotiations. If accepted, all the new wage rates and benefits begin.

Step 8 – Join the Union
Finally, only after a contract is signed and you are already receiving better wages and benefits, will you be asked to join the union. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about unionizing your workplace,
please call 614.237.7671 ext. 238 or email mdersom@ufcw1059.com.