UFCW Local 1059 Union Representatives spend most days out of the office and in the field, servicing the worksites in their territory. When using the extensions below, you will likely have to leave a voicemail message. Union Representatives check their voicemail on a regular basis, multiple times a day. Be aware that when a Union Representative calls you from the field, their phone number will come up RESTRICTED.

If you need immediate assistance: A Union Representative works in our office every weekday that our office is open, from 8:30 am–5:00 pm. This “Rep of the Day” in the office is available to address your questions via phone or in person. To reach the “Rep of the Day,” simply call our office at 614.237.7671 or 800.282.6488, then press zero.

Allison Appel 216
Lloyd Blake 230
Jacob Blazer 261
Anthony Bridges 242
Steven Brown 258
Sylvester Carothers 236
Tom Denton 239
Mark Dersom 238
Josh Greenlee 257
Tracey Henneke 259
Sandy Jones 253
Jason Kaseman 240
John King 204
BJ Lewis 262
Travis Long 212
Cara McKnight 252
Mike Nichols 214
Brian Perkins 244
Nikki Rigano 208
John Smith 203

Member Services Office 223
Dues Office 233
Organizing Department 238
Service Department 214