Local 1059 History

Local 1059 has a proud history dating back to 1943, when the local was originally chartered by the Retail Clerks International Union in Columbus, Ohio. From its early days the local experienced several mergers which brought growth and positive change for the membership. In 1945, nine locals from south and southeastern Ohio, encompassing cities such as Portsmouth, Chillicothe, Athens, Nelsonville, and Newark, merged into Local 1059.

In 1984, Local 31 in Mansfield, Ohio merged with Local 1059. Local 31’s President was Jim Barney; their membership was in 10 counties in the north and northwestern part of Ohio. That merger brought more strength for the membership in the areas of collective bargaining, better service to the members and added staff to assist in organizing the unorganized.

Meat Cutters Local 346 was originally chartered by the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America in 1933. The first President of District Local 346 was Howard Ray. The Retail Clerks International Union and the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America merged in 1979 leading to the merger of Local 346 and Local 1059 in 1986. Herman Leon May was President and Walter L. Workman was Secretary/Treasurer of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters at the time of the merger.

Both local unions had many of the same employers under contract. This merger gave added strength in the area of collective bargaining and would also reduce the number of representatives visiting the same stores. The local was then able to increase the overall service to the membership as well as being able to aggressively organize the unorganized.

Local 1059 now represents members in 47 counties in central, north-northwest, and south-southeast Ohio. As you can see, the local union has seen much change and growth over the years.

Rebecca Berroyer was responsible for a greater emphasis on servicing, training and educating stewards, and improving their effectiveness in the work place and negotiating improved, progressive labor contracts.

Local 1059’s current President, Randy Quickel, assumed duty on August 12, 2010. He has laid out an agenda to continue the Local’s commitment to strong representation in the workplace coupled with advances in the use of technology to increase communication between the Local and its members.