Area Meeting Video

See below for instructions on how to view the Quarterly Area Meeting video. If viewing the Area Meeting video on a PC, the video is best viewed in the Chrome web browser. If on a mobile device, please do not use the Google App because it does not support the full functionality of this website. Instead, use your device’s web browser such as Chrome (Android devices) or Safari (Apple devices).

  1. Visit the Area Meeting Log-in Page (
  2. If you do not have a Login username and password to the Members Area or you forget your Login username and/or password, click the first link: “Click to establish your Login & Password” (If you have already set up a Login username and Password, skip to step 3)
    • On the “Establish your Login and Password” page, fill in the information for each field.
    • Press the “Register” button. If you get an error that says “Sorry…that login name is not available” then please fill out the form again using a different login name. If you get an error that says “Sorry…but we do not have a member in our database” then please fill out the form again taking care not to mistype your info. If your name has an apostrophe, try spelling your name without the apostrophe.
    • When you successfully establish your Login name and password, click the link to “Return to Area Meeting Page”
  3. Click the “If you Have your Login & Password, Click to Login” link and type your Login name and password into the dialog box that pops up
  4. If you are on a computer, click the “Watch Video” button. If you are on a mobile device (phone or tablet), click the “Watch Video (Optimized for Mobile Devices)” button.

**If you must use the Internet Explorer browser to view the video, you may be prompted to “Open” or “Save” the video. Choose “Open” then choose “Allow” in the next pop-up box. Then click “OK” for your computer’s default media player app.**